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4 Ways to Get Parents Involved in Your Ministry

Parents can be our biggest ally and advocate, or they can be the catalyst for you moving to another ministry (that’s a nice way of saying, they’ll get you fired). It’s really all about how you approach developing healthy relationships with the parents of your students. Cultivating a partnership with them, as they try to encourage spiritual development in their student’s life, is key to a thriving ministry.

Far too often, we limit our connection with parents, due to time or energy. Perhaps, we even allow the mindset to creep in that the adults are the senior pastor’s responsibility, so we only pour into the relationships we have with the students.

So, I am going to give you a little list of ideas that may assist you in developing, and encouraging, partnership with the parents in your ministry.


This may seem like a no-brainer, but we can get so caught up with taking students to coffee, lunch, a movie, or whatever, that we forget the parents. You may need to set aside a line item in your budget for parent time. Even if it is inviting their family over for dinner. We like to sit and wait for families to invite us over, but we may need to be proactive and invite them over to our place. Show them you care, not just for their student, but for them as well.


If you hear about a raise, promotion, or big family event, find a way to celebrate with them. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, but consider sending them a card or letter. Let them know you’re with them in the joyful moments.


We all know we have busy schedules. We know that parents are busier than ever with different responsibilities. Be sure to be on time. It can be frustrating when we are sitting and waiting for parents to pick up their kids. We can even think it is justified to complain about it, which it can be, but it isn’t helping anything. Make sure you are finishing on time. Set an example not just for the students, but for them as well.


Give them a clear understanding of where you want the ministry to go, and how you see them being a part of that. Help them see what you see in their student, and how you see them partnering with you to accomplish the work. Show them your plan. Let them know why you’re playing the games you’re playing, or why you’re going to camps, or why you’re singing certain songs in your gatherings. Parents need to understand what their kid is doing, but even more, they need to know why they’re doing it. Who knows, you may ignite a new desire for them to understand why they do what they do in church, or in life.

Get the parents involved. Show them you care. Maybe you’ll see growth you never expected.

-Bobby Benavides


Discussion Questions:

  • How are you being intentional about including parents in your ministry?
  • What are some new ways you can be more active in the lives of the parents?


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