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Happy Wednesday youth workers, and welcome to the Controlled Chaos Blog! Episode 52 of the Controlled Chaos Podcast in another packed show with great, helpful content for Junior High Ministry! Let’s get into it.

The episode jumps right into things as we get a quick dose of Marko’s brilliance. Justin sits down with Mark Oestreicher, of the Youth Cartel, to talk about thirteen things Mark loves about middle schoolers. Initially, this was to be a full episode with Mark, but after hearing these tips, we’ve decided to stretch them out so you have time to absorb and process these thirteen thoughts! In today’s episode, Mark shares why he thinks Junior High Ministry is still preventative. You’ve got to listen to Marko’s first point. Then be sure you’re checking back to hear all thirteen!

After Mark Oestreicher, Justin and Kurt get together for week three of the Book Club. We’re in chapter three of Controlled Chaos, Making Sense of Junior High Ministry, discussing parents! How we as youth workers interact with parents is super important. Chapter three challenges us to think about how and why we need to have healthy relationships with parents. There is a danger in our ministry when we fail to recognize the need to work with parents. Kurt shares three keys for how we  build relationships with parents…


Kurt and Justin, talk about why parents are so important to your student ministry. From the theoretical to the practical, you will be challenged to seriously consider how you view your relationship with parents.

I don’t have the time or the space to break everything down in this weeks episode, so let me just say, Episode 52 is a must listen!

Some questions to help you think through the episode…

  1. If you had the opportunity to share thirteen things you love about middle schooler, what things would you have on your list?
  2. As you look at your junior high or middle school ministry, how does what Marko shares about being preventative impact your programming?
  3. In the back of chapter three, there are five questions to help you process the content. I want to encourage you to read chapter three, listen to Justin and Kurt as they talk through it, then spend some time reviewing and answering the five questions. It will prove to be super helpful.

– jay higham

Episode 0052 Book Club, Chapter 3, We Love Parents, Yes We Do! We Love Parents, How Bout You, and the start of the MARKO 13 Week SERIES Junior High Youth Ministry.
Released: Feb 27, 2019

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