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After 20 years of working with students you learn a thing or two. At least I hope I’ve learned a thing or two. After all the message prep, study, writing, rewriting, teaching, preaching, discipling, and praying there are three simple messages that I want students to know and remember. Aside from all the series, topics, and crazy intense discussions, I believe we can boil everything down to 3 simple lessons; that we LOVE GOD, LOVE JESUS, and LOVE EACH OTHER.

Simple? Yes, I know.

Obvious? Maybe. But maybe not.

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about what it looks like to be a follower of Jesus. What is it that the Bible teaches the most about how we are to live? What themes or principles are constantly reoccurring in what God wants, in what Jesus teaches, and in how we are called live? In just about every case you can bring it back to these three things, to LOVE GOD, to LOVE JESUS, and to LOVE EACH OTHER.

These are the themes that I find myself most wanting to practice in my life, as well as being the top three themes I want to teaching to my family and my students. But as I think about these themes and the simplicity of each one, I often wonder if we skip over teaching them because it’s just assumed that we know them. Sometimes I think we might take for granted that our student know and practice these 3 topics. But I have learned never to take anything for granted, especially when in comes to students and expecting them to know what God desires.

Along with all that we teach our students, whether it comes from up front, in small group discipleship, or in one-on-one discipleship, these three things need to be reinforced every opportunity you have as you live in front of your students. That means, these three principles should be evident in our lives.

So, how are you LOVING GOD?

How are you LOVING JESUS?


If you can live it, you’ll be able to teach it.


– By Jay Higham

Jay Higham is the Director of Family Ministry at Covenant Community Church (C3), in West Virginia. Jay has been working with students for almost 30 years, with 21 of those years in full-time ministry.

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