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As we wrap up our discussion on Letting Others Lead, one more thought comes to mind. In our work of helping others discover the leadership in them, we have to be ready to learn from the process.

As my ministries have grown, so have the needs for additional leaders. For these leaders to be effective, they must be taught how to lead. But as the ones who are in charge of our youth ministries, we have to be ready and willing to learn from those we lead.

Teaching isn’t a one way street. For just as much teaching we do, we must also be ready and willing to learn! I have found that not only will God bring leaders who are wiling to learn, but He also brings leaders who are able to teach. Consider the first two points that have already be made, letting others lead their way and giving authority to make decisions. I have learned in leading others is that I am learning by watching what others are doing. That trip to the music festival where things were different; some of those differences were great ideas that I never considered.

A good leader is always a leader who is ready and wiling to do more than always teach. A good leader is a leader who is ready and willing to learn!

But let’s go back to the mission trip I mentioned in the first post. How did it go? It went great! God made an impact in the lives of those who were served and those who serving! And the leader who took the responsibility of the team and trip? He did a great job as well.  Sure, it wasn’t all done the way I would have done it, but that’s the point! God called him to lead. God equipped him to lead. And God used him as the leader. And that is what it’s all about!


Written by, Jay Higham.



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