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Middle School Ministry requires energy. Our students are active. School, sports, clubs, community activities, and of course, youth group. It’s often a go, go, go time of ministry. As middle school youth workers, we can find ourselves with very full calendars as we work to keep up with our students.

My current season of ministry has been a bit busier than usual. This has left me working a few more hours than I would in a normal season. Some of these extra hours have resulted in some late nights. But somewhere along the way I have lost the thrill of staying up late. What was once easy, even fun, in my younger years has now become a cruel form of torture in my later years. Simply put, staying up is no longer fun. I get tired, cranky, and irritable. If I don’t have to stay up late, I’d rather not!

Sleep is essential. Go to bed. If you can, go to bed early. Make time to get the rest you need. I know it often feels like there are not enough hours in the day. There will always be something else to do. Another email to answer, another call to make, another book to read, another student to meet with. But if we aren’t rested, we might not be at our best.

There are plenty benefits to an early bed time! The obvious ones are better sleep, more rest, more energy during the day, a happier attitude, and a more productive day. So set a new habit. Don’t stay up late if you don’t have to. Go to bed early.


Written by Jay Higham



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