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Forest Grove escort classified A man called police to request an officer standby for a civil matter. A woman reported receiving a phone call from the Social Security Administration stating that her social security had been used fraudulently, then instructed the woman purchase thousands of dollars worth of gift cards from multiple retailers, which she did. A patrol officer spotted a driver who was known to have a suspended cruising along Pacific Avenue. Forest Grove officers located a very intoxicated man who had walked away from a crash scene on the outskirts of Cornelius.

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Police Logs | Forest Grove Oregon:

  • Tom Beck is glad to see Highway 47 finally getting the spotlight.
  • Summer is fast approaching so it's time to equip your home in order to have the best defense this storm season.
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  • Entries are categorized by month.
  • Detectives with the Beaverton Police Department opened an investigation into the sex-trafficking of an underage female on Wednesday, Feb.

Officers located the woman, but no evidence of drug activity. She was arrested for trespassing. The second officer located the suspicious vehicle parked haphazardly along a side road and contacted the driver who reeked of alcohol; the driver advised he was waiting for his friend, the driver in the initial stop, but agreed to field sobriety tests. But even before sun rises, I hear bird. Police ultimately discovered her identity and found she had an outstanding warrant. COM and that you provide to other Users. COM Community votes to terminate your Humaniplex. A caller reported that a vehicle belonging to his girlfriend, currently a guest at the Washington County jail, had been loaned to a man with a known outstanding felony warrant who had failed to return it and was no longer returning phone calls.

Police located one of the alleged drunk drivers and found them to be sober; the other vehicle was not located. Police found two additional persons in the vehicle, both with outstanding warrants. COM violates this Agreement or which may be offensive, illegal or violate the rights of any person or entity, or harm or threaten the safety of any person or entity. COM to be liable to another.

Officers were ultimately able to sort out the instigators; one youth was arrested for disorderly conduct, another on an outstanding warrant. Police found no evidence of a physical altercation or criminal activity. Officers are investigating; police advise the public to always research any contractors or service providers before hiring.

March 18 Officers contacted a man who was reportedly threatening to overdose on drugs if he was not admitted to the warming shelter. He was taken to jail. January 24 Police responded to a hotel where a woman who Forest Grove escort classified paid for several days was reportedly locked out by a man she had allowed to stay there. He was advised to use the sidewalk. A caller reported a suspicious person attempting to break into a car in a residential area. February 28 A caller reported hearing a woman screaming off and on, and a possible domestic disturbance in progress.

Officers located the woman who was dying her hair purple but ended up with the dye all over her face, neck and hands, which apparently caused her great distress. Police learned the argument was verbal only; the man agreed to leave for the night to avoid any further arguments. One alleged thief was arrested for providing false information and outstanding warrants; the other was arrested for theft. The driver refused field sobriety tests and was found to have a zero BAC, however officers determined the level of impairment rose to the level of DUII.

A caller reported a man staggering along Pacific Avenue with his pants partially down whose description matched a suspect in a theft the night before. A caller reported a woman drinking beer near the entrance to a new housing development. Police found a noticeably intoxicated man who thought the house belonged to a friend. He could not, and was subsequently taken to a detox facility. On contact the man advised he was upset because the potluck was only offering vegan options. A convenience store reported that a customer stole some nachos.

The description Forest Grove escort classified a man known to police for attempting the same thing at various locations throughout the city. A bartender reported a woman in was found in the bathroom with a needle in her arm. Madras Pioneer Central Oregonian. Officers are continuing to investigate. Police found a man enjoying some iced tea.

Officers are investigating and advise the public to always lock vehicle windows and doors. A swing shift officer stopped a vehicle for a missing headlight. Police located the driver as he was attempting to back his vehicle out of the drive thru.

March 3 Officers were called to a dispute between a mother and daughter that allegedly escalated to a shoving match. A night shift officer stopped a vehicle for multiple traffic violations along Pacific Avenue. A caller reported possible drug activity and a suspicious vehicle lingering in the parking lot of an apartment complex.

He was assisted. When the girl arrived, detectives learned she was a year-old who had been listed as a missing and endangered juvenile from the Portland metropolitan area. The section titles in this Agreement are for convenience Forest Grove escort classified and have no legal or contractual effect.

June 8 A caller reported that his tires had been slashed, brake lines cut, and profanities had been scratched into the passenger side of his vehicle. On contact the man explained that he was simply aggravated by his arthritis flaring up. Police located and detained the man, and found a pellet style gun made to look like an authentic handgun. Just as a lamp can create a cosy feel inside the home, outdoor lighting can offer the same effect. April 18 Police responded to a residence where a woman was allegedly sprayed in the face with mace.

A noticeably intoxicated caller reported that two inebriated friends had left a local lounge in separate vehicles. Officers arrived to a quiet, empty apartment, and found no s of a disturbance. Police were eventually able to ascertain who the woman was and responded to her known address, but were unable to locate the woman.

Police are investigating the theft of a trailer from a storage unit. January 19 A home owner reported that a man was attempting to open the door to his house late at night. COM reserve the right to delete or not delete any blog message or data for any or no reason whatsoever.

Officers located a very intoxicated man who explained he was looking for his girlfriend. The stroller was empty and no owner was located. Detectives contacted the female and set up a meeting at the Comfort Inn in Beaverton. She was taken into custody on a peace officer hold for her own safety, and transported to the hospital for evaluation. A man reported having problems with his wife who was upset about spending New Years Eve at the same location as his ex-wife. The officer contacted the driver, found him noticeably intoxicated, and arrested him for DUII. Forest Grove escort classified located the man and found him highly intoxicated, with cuts on his hands he could not explain and no memory of leaving his car in Aloha.

February 14 Officers located a man lingering around the back gate of the police station early in the morning. A caller reported that a man appeared to be attempting to break into a coffee shop late at night. A caller reported a noticeably intoxicated man knocking on doors in a neighborhood late at night.

April 30 A woman called police to report an auto repair shop took too long to diagnose the problem with her car. The woman eventually left the location on foot, and the caller was encouraged not to tell drunk individuals to drive. A postal worker reported a young child was found unattended at a location. March 16 Night shift officers broke up a physical altercation between two intoxicated women outside a local bar.

A senior living community employee reported that a resident was expressing suicidal ideation. A caller reported the gates to the cemetery were suspiciously left open. In most cases, the vehicles were reportedly unlocked. They were cited for criminal trespass. A night shift patrol officer spotted an individual known to be associated with a man with several outstanding warrants. Police identified the substance as laundry soap and it was promptly disposed of. She was transported to the hospital on a peace officer hold. A caller reported a man walking around Main Street carrying a chain saw.

Officers were unable to locate anyone matching the description in the area. How to prepare your home for storm season Summer is fast approaching so it's time to equip your home in order to have the best defense this storm season. The man was trespassed from the locations and agreed to head out of town.

Officers were able to convince the man to go to the hospital with family for evaluation. A local fast food restaurant reported that a former employee jumped through the drive-thru window and stole cash from the register. She was advised to contact property management who subsequently trespassed the teen from the location.

Officers arrested a woman after she entered a shopping center from which she had ly been banned from returning. Police arrived and found both subjects covered in blood and were able to ascertain that an argument over relationships had escalated to a physical altercation. A caller reported an unknown person had attempted to break into a vacant house currently for sale over night.

A caller reported witnessing a suspicious looking woman picking flowers from the front yard of a nearby residence. Manning, from the Las Vegas, Nev. He was arrested. Officers found the man to be noticeably intoxicated and a quick investigation revealed that the man was intentionally blocking the driver from attempting to leave the location. Subscribe Today! A male was uncooperative and a Taser was used. A bus driver reported that a passenger on the last run for the night was unresponsive.

A night shift patrol officer nearly collided with a wrong way driver along Pacific Avenue. Officers explained harassment laws and limitations; the caller advised she would shop elsewhere henceforth. January 13 A patrol officer located a vehicle with a punched ignition outside of an apartment complex and suspicious activity around one of the units.

He was advised to exit the bus. A K9 track was conducted; officers are investigating.

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