I Got a Flat Tire and I’m Happy About It

I took off to take our oldest son to school which starts at 8:00am, which is always the best part of any day. A 40mph car ride that, to him, feels like 70mph; rocking out to “dad’s songs” (send me an email and I’ll get you the link); and his laugh which I love. I mean, I absolutely love. As I pulled into his school my front passenger side tire went flat.

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Find People to Help You Paddle

You can’t do ministry alone. Technically and in theory you can do ministry alone but it’s not healthy and will have an adverse effect on students. Youth ministry takes a team. It takes the whole team.

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Whether you are a full-time, part-time, or volunteer leader in student ministry, you probably hope that when a student comes to your group they do four things: enjoy themselves, come back next week, tell their friends, and grow in their faith. While each of our meeting spaces will look different, the culture and atmosphere of our gatherings needs to become a priority of our ministry. And no one can tell you about your culture like a guest.

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