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The Youth Ministry Island – Part 4

As a young youth worker, I looked up to the “big guys.” These were the guys who were leading seminars and writing books. They were seen after as leaders, pioneers and trailblazers. We called them “experts” and learned from their wisdom and experience. I would listen to these brilliant men and I wanted to be just like them. Worse, I wanted my ministry to be just like theirs.

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The Youth Ministry Island – Part 3

Is There A Consequence In Our Separation? A couple of years ago, ministry headlines told of the absence of twenty-somethings in many churches. Even churches with incredible student ministries are wondering where the students go after they graduate from high school....

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The Youth Ministry Island – Part 2

On Monday’s blog post, we started a discussion about how operate as a ministry within the church. The question was, Does the mission, structure, goals, branding, and activities of your youth ministry align with the mission, vision, goals, structure, branding, and activities of the church you are serving in?

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