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JUSTIN HERMAN! Even writing his name in ALL CAPS doesn’t do justice to the kind of leadership and energy he brings to everything he does. Justin Herman is Junior High ministry, from the tips of his toes to the top of his (admittedly balding) head. He loves junior high kids and he loves helping other youth workers become more effective. The folks over at Exxon-Mobil haven’t invented a gas with a high enough octane to match Justin’s engine. This just in: Chuck Norris recently changed his name to Justin Herman. Justin is like a turbo-charged quad shot of espresso, topped off with whatever it is that makes atomic bombs explode. The choice is simple. If you want to become a better leader, listen to the CONTROLLED CHAOS podcast. if not, way to go with your commitment to mediocre ministry.
Matt McGill

Co-Founder of Download Youth Ministry and

If you work with jr high students, the Controlled Chaos podcast should be required listening. Stop what you’re doing and subscribe right now!

Kenny Campbell

Founder, Stuff You Can Use

Full disclosure: I don’t listen to many podcasts. I’m more of a music and books guy. But I listen to every episode of the Controlled Chaos Podcast. It’s about my tribe and my calling, and always leaves me either thinking, refreshed, or both.

Mark Oestreicher

Partner, The Youth Cartel

The controlled chaos podcast is your first stop in growing to be a BETTER leader of jr High students.  Jr High is crazy. Get prepared with the controlled chaos podcast.  You won’t regret carving out the time of your day to learn more about leading your Jr. Highers, or just discovering new ways to improve your leadership in any context! 
Tyler Rees

Managing Editor of XP3 Middle School Curriculum, Orange

Any Youth Worker with a measure of strategy knows that you grow a HS ministry through your MS strategy.  So, if you fancy yourself as a HS person.  Controlled Chaos is for you.  If you are a MS person, duh…this is for you.  And, If you find yourself trying to figure out how to reach MS in your HS and MS student ministry..guess what?  Controlled Chaos is for you.

Tom Shefchunas

Executive Director of Student Strategies, Orange

In a world of Social media chaos, Controlled Chaos is the noise to listen to when it comes to student ministries!

Mike Branton

Believe Program Director, CIY

It is obvious that Justin has a passion for student ministry! This passion clearly comes through in his interviews as he works to equip student ministry leaders everywhere.

David Miller


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